Hand and Arm Vibration

What is hand and arm vibration?

Hand-arm vibration is vibration transmitted into hands and arms when you use handheld powered work equipment

What is Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome? (HAVS)

HAVS affects the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and joints of the hand wrist and arm. It includes vibration white finger which can cause severe pain


  • Tingling and numbness which can cause sleep disturbance
  • Not being able to pick up small objects fine finger movements
  • In cold weather fingers going white then red with a painful recovery
  • When am I at risk?
    If you regularly use
  • Concrete breakers
  • sanders
  • grinders
  • hammer drills
  • chainsaws
  • scabblers
  • hedge trimmers
  • powered mowers

How to reduce risk

It is the employer’s responsibility to protect the employee against HAVS

  • Lower vibration tools
  • Tools well maintained
  • Amount of time spent on the tools
  • Avoid gripping or forcing a tool more than you have to
  • Encourage good blood circulation keeping your core warm. Waterproof gloves hat vest
  • Give up smoking, smoking reduces blood flow.

Any signs of HAVS should be reported to your manager/health and safety or trade union rep.

The tests take around 20 minutes per person and you will be given the results for your records, contact us for pricing and availability. Mobile Health Surveillance offer pre and exit employment screening for as little as 1 to 2 employees.

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