Exposure to noise, HSE 85db

Noise is part of everyday life but loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. The conversation would be difficult especially in crowds, work/bars etc. TV and telephone become problematic
Permanent tinnitus can also be caused.

Hearing tests should be carried out where the noise exceeds 85db

  • Using noisy powered tools or machinery
  • Construction, demolition, road repair, fabrication, forging, pressing, general manufacturing
  • Armed forces, police – gunfire explosive

An employer has a duty to protect an employee’s hearing and putting things in place to reduce risk. Things which reduce exposure

  • Putting in screens, barriers
  • Source the quieter machinery
  • Hearing protection

An employee should:

  • Wear hearing protection given
  • Look after the hearing protection
  • Inform health and safety rep if has any hearing problems

The tests take around 20 minutes per person and you will be given the results for your records, contact us for pricing and availability. Mobile Health Surveillance offer pre and exit employment screening for as little as 1 to 2 employees.

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